Annual review 2020 - Biathlon in NSW

2020 was certainly a challenging year for everyone and a challenging year for running a sport.


The year started with Jill Colebourn competing in the IBU and World Cup in Biathlon.


Lulu, Isabella, Chelsea and David from Sydney represented Australia in the Youth Winter Olympics in Switzerland. 

Back in Australia we were starting our Summer rollerski / laser Biathlon series where the biggest problem was rain. 

Then it got more complicated. 

The group with rollerskis on ready for laser Biathlon

By March all training and social contact had stopped. The Australian Rollerski Championships were cancelled.


 Some of us adapted by training at home with SCATT machines, laser rifles and home gyms. The Australia Biathlon Association ran a very successful online training program covering fitness and technique. 

The NSW-Victorian border was shut and so the Winter Biathlon races including the Australian Biathlon Championship at Mt Hotham were cancelled. Most of the training camps were cancelled. In NSW we adapted and ran a cross country skiing camp at Perisher, NSW under coach Alex Almoukov. 


lulu youth at the Youth Olympics 2020
Laser biathlon in Sydney
cross country skiing at Perisher

Once COVID restrictions eased we were able to train in Sydney again. With Alex coaching us in rollerskiing and marksmenship at SISC (Sydney International Shooting Centre). 


Despite everything we have attracted some new members who are enjoying their introduction to the sport. 

Jill was effectively trapped in Italy, which was not a bad thing. She has been training hard this year through the European Winter and once again is representing Australia at the World Cup. 

Thank-you to everyone who worked to continue the sport during this challenging time. With some hope 2021 will allow a return to normality.