About the NSW Branch of Australian Biathlon

Activities in NSW for Australian Biathlon are directed by the National Federation, Australian Biathlon and conducted by our branch, the NSW Branch of Australian Biathlon. Our branch is based in Sydney and we provide weekly coaching and training sessions.  Here are some of our NSW Branch activities: 

  • Target rifle shooting

  • Roller skiing weekly in various locations throughout Sydney

  • 2 to 3 intensive camps annually

  • Laser Biathlon races

  • The annual NSW Roller Ski Championships

  • This is in addition to the highly subsidised camps in Australia, Europe and New Zealand and opportunities to train in other biathlon locations in other states.


Have a look at our events page for summer biathlon races, weekly training, intensive camps, high performance camps and on-snow winter Biathlon Championships.


We welcome new members and those who just want to try the sport.

Biathlon training in Sydney


The National Federation was formed over 3 decades ago in the 1980's in the state of Victoria which is where the country's only biathlon shooting range is located.   Our Federation, the Australian Biathlon Association Inc., has always been and remains the pre-eminent body of the sport in Australia.  We represent all levels of participants from World Cup and Olympic athletes, Masters, Emerging, Development athletes to Novice and Grassroots participants.

Australian Biathlon

Our National Federation is responsible for the growth and increased participation of the sport of biathlon, pathways for athletes to the highest levels of the sport, including national camps, training, development activities, events, selection events and all policies in relation to the sport for competitors and members at all levels.


It is only through our National Federation that athletes have pathways to the highest level of sport internationally.

Our activities in NSW are conducted by a branch of the National Federation and all events are conducted under the auspices and risk management assessment controls of Australian Biathlon.  

Australian Biathlon is the National Federation of Biathlon in Australia and is affiliated with the peak bodies of the sport.

Our National Federation operates in an financially economical corporate structure, a unitary model, with few administrative costs, the objective being to direct funds to the development of the sport, the range and to athletes, ahead of administrative and management costs.

Regional branches with minimal to no separate administrative costs are the preferred operational vehicles. Branches and affiliates are:

  • Melbourne Branch

  • Albury/Wodonga Branch

  • NSW Branch

  • Telemark Ski Club

  • Australian Defence Force Nordic Ski & Biathlon Association

  • East Gippsland Branch

Australian Biathlon - NSW: Governance

The NSW Branch of Australian Biathlon operate under delegated

authority by virtue of the Instrument of Delegation issued by

Australian Biathlon.  


CAUTION: There is no Australian Biathlon affiliate in NSW.

NSW Office of Sport/NSW Sport and Recreation, inform that in NSW

there is no State Sporting Organisation (SSO).

Click on the links to access the following Governance documents.
These are the documents that govern the principles of operation of the
NSW Branch of Australian Biathlon:

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Australian Biathlon Contacts

PO Box 3135, Prahan East, Vic 3181 Australia

w: http://www.biathlon.asn.au
t:   0409 440 745

e:  enquiries-aba@netspace.net.au

ABN: 18 883 464 584 Reg. no. A 0002041F

t:  0419 426 718
e: AusBiathonNSW@gmail.com

Convenor:  John Joyce
e:  convenor.ausbiathlonnsw@gmail.com




Please visit the memberships page for details. 


Please keep in mind

  • There is a thorough interview and firearms safety assessment process. As a result emergency memberships are not possible.

  • Whether as athlete, coach or official, you cannot participate at overseas Biathlon events unless you possess an endorsement and are entered to the event only by the National Federation, Australian Biathlon. We will not be able to assist you if you find yourself unable to participate in events overseas because you're not a member of the Australian National Federation.

  • You must be a member of the Australian National Federation to compete in Australian Biathlon Events. This is necessary in order for our Federation to provide you with a compulsory letter of endorsement and/or to determine if you are qualified to participate at any local, regional or National Biathlon competition overseas or any IBU event.

  • Your coach or any official whom you wish to support you whether at Australian or international events must also be members of Australian Biathlon.

Biathlon is a sport that uses firearms and Australian Biathlon, other National Federations, and the IBU take safety and security very seriously.

Our membership process is thorough and cautious, and like other applications for firearms use in Australia, this process is not speedy.

Australian Biathlon Affiliates