To follow our Australian Biathletes on the European Competition Circuit at IBU Events, please visit Australian Biathlon's News page. You'll see the results as well as events they're registered to compete at. 


Qualification for senior races in the Biathlon Pathway start with IBU Cup races. Competitors earn points during every race with the winner having the lowest points. 

Australian biathletes need to qualify for the right to enter and IBU Cup event. Please refer to the Selection Policy for the current requirements. 

The IBU have strict rules about progression onto senior levels of competition such as World Championships and the Olympics but only the very best biathletes with points under 150 qualify for World Cup.  The rules are incredibly complex and it's not just the athlete's personal performance, but also accumulated Nation Points that count towards whether a Nation starts at senior events. 

The IBU focuses on building Nation's teams with more nation points earned from relay and mixed relay events. 

You can follow our Australian Biathletes at IBU Cup events on Australian Biathlon's News Page:  http://www.biathlon.asn.au/news.html

In this 2017-18 Season we have on the IBU Cup circuit, Men Damon Morton and Jeremy Flanagan; Women Jill Colebourn, and Darcie Morton. Our Support team is Head Coach Luca Bormolini with Specialist Ski Technician Fausto Bormetti.