2019 NSW Athletes On the IBU Cup Circuit

Jill Colebourn ended Trimester 2, (January 2019) with IBU Qualifying points of 137.56, well below the requisite of 150 points for personal qualification to compete at IBU World Cup. Jill this year changed her training focus to take on a professional approach in all year training which included 1 month at high altitude summer training in Europe, 2 months at Mt Hotham in our 2018 winter and all year commitment to perfecting technique, building strength, power and endurance.  

Jill reports she's surpassed her goals set for this European Competition Season - she'd wanted to requalify with under 180 points so as to meet qualification to race at World Championships, but performed much better with an improvement of 40 points from the end of last season. 

Jillian Colebourn is a product of Australian Biathlon's Development Program, which she's followed since starting Biathlon 7 years ago. 

The IBU has invited AUS representative, Jill Colebourn to compete at World Cup in Trimester 3, and as well, World Championships at Oestersund, Sweden in March 2019.  Jill is very excited with this invitation as it's the first time in 20 years that an invitation to World Cup has been offered to an AUS Woman Biathlete. 

Only the world's very best athletes are offered opportunities to compete at the highest level of biathlon competition.  See below for a simplified explanation of the IBU qualification points system. 

Thank you to Australian Biathlon for the training camps and development programs, Australian Biathlon High Performance Coach Luca Bormolini, Australian coaches who've assisted, encouraged and supported Jill from the very beginning, the AUS Biathlon wax specialist Fausto Bormetti and to the AUS team who have supported and cheered Jill throughout the season. 

Simplified explanation of IBU Qualification:

Personal qualification points are the average of the 3 best results in a defined current time period. Additionally, the Nation too must be able to secure starting places at World Cup, World Championships and Olympics. 

  • World Cup  = personal qualification of < 150 IBU points AND 8 wild card places for those athletes whose nations are not in the top 25 Nations

  • World Championships = personal qualification of < 180 IBU points AND 10 wild card places for those athletes whose nations are not in the top 30 Nations

  • IBU Cup = to continue in the following trimester requires qualification of just one race at < 250 points. 

  • For interest, qualification for the 2018 Olympics was personal qualification of < 180 points PLUS just 5 places for athletes whose nations were not in the top 22 Nations. No longer was there reallocation of places to lower ranked nations where higher ranked nations chose not to take a place. 

Nation points are earned based on numbers of participants and naturally, how well they perform. AUS, a small nation is unable to field numbers of athletes and competes for the coveted few "Wild Card" places offered to athletes from non-top ranked nations. For Women in 2018-19, AUS competes for these places with European nations including Latvia, Moldova, Great Britain, Belgium. Spain, Greece, Croatia.

To follow results of our AUS Team visit our National Federation  News Page. It has details of results, latest points and who's racing at which race.  Follow our athletes to cheer them!

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