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Jill Colebourn ended Trimester 1, (December 2020) with IBU Qualifying points of 123.98 retaining her quota place to compete at World Cup in Trimester 2. This is well below the requisite 150 points for personal qualification to compete at IBU World Cup. Congratulations to those athletes whose nations, too, haven't sufficient World Cup Nation Cup Points for automatic WC starts. The quality of competition for the handful of "wild card" quota places, is strong and we're proud to compete with athletes from Biathlon nations such as Britain, Belgium, Greenland, Romania, Moldova and Croatia. 

Jill, a resident of Sydney, NSW,  a final year student at Sydney University studying for a double degree in Mechatronics and Commerce, was trapped in Europe in 2020 given international border closures.  She tells us she was able to put this time to good use, training in the Alps.  

She has been on the World Cup Circuit since 2019, and the first AUS woman to compete at the highest level of Biathlon in over 20 years. 

Jill is a member of Sydney University's Elite Athlete Program; and was honoured to be a recipient of the prestigious Muriel Anderson Scholarship. Her alumni is Abbotsleigh, at Wahroonga, NSW. 

Jillian Colebourn is a product of Australian Biathlon's Development Program, which she's followed since starting Biathlon 8 years ago. 

Thank you to Australian Biathlon for the High Performance camps in Australia and Europe, training camps and development programs; Australian Biathlon High Performance Coach Luca Bormolini, Australian coaches who've assisted, encouraged and supported Jill from the very beginning, the AUS Biathlon wax specialist Fausto Bormetti and to the AUS team who have supported and cheered Jill throughout the season.  


ABA appreciates the support from Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) who've recognised and fostered Jill's potential in Biathlon, and as well to the International Biathlon Union (IBU) who have taken an interest in her development.

Some latest publications about Jill Colebourn:

IBU Biathlon World Magazine Issue 53, IBU Personality. Page 98 "Its Not Rocket Science", January 2020

IBU TV Interview: "First Aussie Woman at World Cup in 20 Years", December 2019

Planetè Blanche : Italian Summer for Australian Biathlete Jill Colebourn, August 2020.

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The IBU ranks biathletes with IBU Qualification Points. At the highest level of the sport, it's the IBU Q points that matter, with the top athlete with ZERO ( 0 ) points, and each athlete is ranked based on a formula called the "Race Penalty Factor". The objective is to standardise the performance ranking of athletes, so that no matter where the race is held and no matter who the athletes in the race,  the ranking of each competitor is equitable. This ranking system was introduced after the 2014 Sochi Olympics. To read a simplified explanation of IBU points, visit this page: IBU Points, A Simplified Explanation.

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