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Summer Biathlon Super series - Sydney

This summer (early 2020), the NSW Branch of the Australian Biathlon Association will again run a series of Laser biathlon races in Sydney. We will follow a similar format as last year. Each race consists of a lap of the course on roller-skis followed by shooting lasers at targets. This will be a great chance to compete during the Summer months.


The Summer Biathlon Super series was first run in February 2019 at the Willoughby netball courts. The series consisted of 3 races spread over consecutive Sundays. The format is based upon the Winter Biathlon Individual race. 5 laps of roller-skiing with shooting with a laser (prone, standing, prone, standing) in-between each lap. There was a penalty for each miss. 

 A points system was devised to allow everyone to have a chance of winning the series regardless of age or gender. 

Some photos of the fun and exciting 2019 event are shown below.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Find out more or enter the race.