Regulations for Laser Biathlon in NSW

As of 28 July 2017 the use of Lasers in the sport of Biathlon became permissible by virtue of the exemption under Section 116A of the NSW Firearms Regulations however, there are specific guidelines that must be followed strictly. Prior to this date, any use of lasers in Biathlon in NSW was outside the operations of the regulations and were illegal.  The document "What's New" issued by NSW Firearms on 19 October 2017 provide detailed guidelines and these must be adhered to by users of Lasers in Biathlon. To view these documents in their entirety click on the images below.  


The following are highlights only and if you own, use or supervise the use of Lasers in Biathlon in NSW, please study diligently the NSW Firearms Regulations, Legislation and Guidelines.


Remember, at all times Biathlon Lasers in NSW remain Firearms and any owner,  user and/or supervisor of lasers must follow the legislation, regulations and guidelines issued by the NSW Firearms Registry.  THERE ARE NO EXEMPTIONS.

Click on the images of the regulations hereunder for details.  References to the NSW Firearms Act 1996, Regulations, FACT Sheet and "Whats New" Guidelines are also in the links below.

NSW Firearms Guidelines "What's New" issued 19 October 2017. This details instructions on use of Lasers in NSW

  • Who is a biathlete?

  • Who is exempted?

  • Permit to Acquire, Registrations

  • Supervision

  • Use

  • Storage