Australian Biathlon NSW

Biathlon NSW is the official branch of the National Federation, Australian Biathlon.

It is through our National Federation that members are able to access the benefits of affiliation with the International Biathlon Union (IBU), the international peak body of the sport. Athlete pathways to the highest level of the sport are only via IBU competition. 

As well, our athletes are able to access participation in the Winter Olympics, through our affiliation with the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) .

We are the sole pathway to representing Australia in Biathlon.



 You MUST be a MEMBER of Australian Biathlon should you wish to:


  • Participate or race overseas in any biathlon event, whether at any local races or National or regional races whether as coach, official or athlete. You will require a letter of endorsement from the National Federation, Australian Biathlon and we will need to have evidenced your performance at local races prior to vouching 

  • Participate at any IBU event whether as athlete, coach or official. Australian Biathlon is the ONLY Australian member Federation affiliated with the IBU

  • Participate at any Australian Biathlon event at Australia's only Biathlon Range at Mt Hotham, or any event of an affiliate or branch of Australian Biathlon. 

  • Use any equipment the asset of Australian Biathlon or its affiliates.

Remember, if you wish to race overseas, you must first compete in Australia at a selection race conducted by Australian Biathlon. You must check the current Australian Biathlon Selection Policy to determine if you qualify. Our International Federation and fellow National Federations expect Australia to send over only athletes of an adequate level of ability. There are no exceptions. 

The National Federation, Australian Biathlon appoints coaches for all International events. Should you qualify to represent Australia, the coach will be one appointed by Australian Federation. 

We're able to use these logos as a result of our National Federation's affiliation with these peak bodies of sport in Australia and Internationally. No other organization in Australia is permitted this honour and priviledge.

How To Become A Member of Australian Biathlon NSW


Australian Biathlon is sporting club that involves firearms and safety is our utmost priority. To become a member, you need to follow a specific procedure similar to many rifle clubs.

Here is the procedure in summary:


  1. If you are aged 17 and over, you must have a Working With Children (WWC) Check. You will  be required to supply your WWC registration number with your membership application.

  2. Write to for a current membership form.

  3. Complete and submit the form together with the required documentation and non-refundable application fee.

  4. Attend 3 sessions at an approved Australian Biathlon firearms facility. Your firearms safety sessions will be conducted by authorised personnel. 

  5. You must be interviewed by a current Board Member of Australian Biathlon. To make an appointment for the security sessions and interview, please contact our Communications Officer 

    These personal safety sessions and interviews will take time to arrange and emergency or urgent sessions or meetings will be not be entertained. We are a firearms club and we take this process of security and interviews seriously. There is never any guarantee of nomination to membership.

    Should you be applying for family membership, all members of the family are required to undertake the firearms safety sessions and interview.

  6. Your application will then be considered and you will be advised should the outcome be successful.

  7. Please pay the annual subscription fee.

For more details please visit our Federation's website and go to the Membership page.


As Biathlon in NSW is a branch, all members of Australian Biathlon in NSW are automatically members and can participate in all our training and events.

Charges for participation at our Australian Biathlon events are modest and the cost of weekly training is just $5 per event and this goes to the National Federation as a small contribution towards membership benefits. Member benefits include:

  • fully subsidised weekly coaching weekly in both Roller Skiing and Target Shooting. Our NSW coach is the only one in NSW who has completed the ASC accredited Biathlon course

  • intensive dryland weekend camps at least 3 times a year, conducted  by specialist guest coaches

  • access to expensive biathlon equipment

  • access to participation at selection and non-selection competitions at Australia's only Biathlon range at the Mt Hotham Biathlon Arena

  • invitation to participate at significantly subsidised camps on-snow at Mt Hotham as well as at our European camps

  • invitation to participate at all our Biathlon centres in NSW, Victoria and ACT

  • access to IBU provided camps in Europe and Oceania

Now, please remember, we are a rifle club and this means, a prospective member can't just complete an on-line form, pay the subscription fee and that's it!

We have a rigorous interview  & safety assessment process to vet all members and every new member must be nominated by a member of the Board of Australian Biathlon before the application will even be considered. This is to ensure your safety and that of all our members. 

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT for Australian Biathlon and all its branches and affiliates.

To become a member, please write to our Executive Officer to request a membership form - 

The application fee at 2016 -17 is $20.



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