NSW Junior Biathletes

Matt Wright, who lives in Southern Sydney, a first year student at The University of Wollongong, is a member of the Australian Biathlon Development Team. Matt enjoys Biathlon and in the 2018 AUS Winter took Gold and Silver wins at the Australian Biathlon Championships and the Victorian Biathlon Championships. 

Matthew has been training with Head Coach, Luca Bormolini and for some years attended the Biathlon European Training Camps in Livigno. 


Lulu Miskin (17), student at Kambala Rose Bay, is a member of the Australian Biathlon Development Team. She started Biathlon just a couple of years ago and is already a fixture on the podium at AUS Biathlon Championships at our range at Hotham. Lulu is passionate about biathlon and hopes to represent Australia at the 2020 Youth Winter Olympics in Lausanne.


Lulu's interest started with cross country skiing and she'd trained over the Northern Hemisphere winter in Canmore, Canada.  2018-19 was her first foray in Biathlon Competition in Europe and she's competed at IBU Junior Cups, the IBU Youth/Junior World Championships at Osrblie, Slovakia and represented AUS at the IBU European Development Camp at Lenzerheide, Switzerland in December 2018. 

Isabella Moon, an Australian Biathlon Authorised Athlete, is just 15 years old and has been on the European Circuit now for 2 seasons. Isabella, from Tara School Sydney started Cross Country Skiing before discovering Biathlon. She reports she was proud to represent Australia at her first IBU Junior Cups in December 2018 at Lenzerheide, Switzerland and at Premanon, France, and at Osrblie, Slovakia for the 2019 Youth/Junior World Championships.


 Isabella is a regular fixture on the podium at our Australian and Victorian Biathlon Championships.  Go, Isabella!

Tom Wilkinson from Albury NSW, member of the AUS Biathlon Development Team is a Year 12 student at Scots, Albury. Tom has been a keen biathlete for a number of years attending AUS Biathlon's camps both at Hotham and in Livigno, Italy.  This season, besides attending the European Camp and racing at the Coppa d' Italia, Tom represented Australia at the IBU European Development Camp at Lenzerheide, Switzerland, IBU Junior Cup 1, Lenzerheide and at IBU Junior Cup 2 at Premanon, France. Tom had to return home before the season finished to focus on his studies in preparation for the HSC. 

Tom features regularly on the podium at our Australian and Victorian Biathon Championships at Mt Hotham.

Archie Gordon from Queanbeyan, NSW, is an AUS Biathlon Authorised Athlete. Archie, became a member of the National Federation Australian Biathlon just a few months ago in July 2018 and competed at the Australian Biathlon Championships taking Gold in the Sprint event and Bronze in the Individual.  Archie, who completed the HSC in 2017, this European season competed at the IBU Junior cup 1 at Lenzerheide, Switzerland and at the Youth/Junior Biathlon World Championships at Osrblie, Slovakia. 

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