NSW Roller Ski Championships  

3 November 2019

It's on again. The NSW Roller-ski and Skike Championships is for anyone who has a love of rollerskiing. 

  • Meet other rollerskiers

  • Enjoy fun competitions

  • Try Laser Biathlon

The year there will be an individual race, Individual Laser Biathlon race and Laser Biathlon relay.





Sunday, 3 November 2019

  • Bib collection: 7:50 am to 8:20 am

  • Rollerski race start time: 9 am


  • Details to follow


Western Sydney Parklands, Glendenning 2761.

  • Park at John McAleer Park (cricket field) at 37 Baxter Crescent, Glendenning 2761


  • See the map on this page. Please note it is the reverse to last year i.e. the start is near Power Rd. 

  • One lap there and back. (approx. 3.18 km). Start line is near Power St where the bitumen surface meets the concrete. The turnaround point is near Joe McAleer park.


  • Toilets are in the cricket club building. There are also water bubblers there as well.

Competitor Rules

  • All competitors must wear a helmet.

  • Any brand of commercially available Skike or roller ski is allowed. This includes classic or skate. You must use the same type of wheels as comes from the factory with your brand of skike or ski i.e. no aftermarket wheels.

  • The course is open to cyclists, dogs, joggers and walkers.

    • Please respect other users of the park

    • Keep left unless overtaking

    • Check for bikes and before pulling out or crossing the track.

    • Warn other skiers ahead of approaching cyclists.

    • The course is two-way so keep left and allow enough space for skiers coming from the opposite direction.

    • No more than 2 persons abreast (wide)

Safety Information

  • It is advised to wear knee pads, elbow pads and gloves.

  • Have a bottle of water available at the start/finish or carry water with you.

  • There may be foreign objects on the course including rubbish, sticks and leaves.

  • If you are injured or feel unwell

    • Notify one of the marshals along the course or at the start/finish line.

  • If in the event of an emergency

    •  Call 000

    • Inform the marshals

    • Provide assistance if required

If you are interested and want further information please contact the Australian Biathlon Association.

Results from the 2018 NSW Rollerski Championships

Results from the 2017 NSW Rollerski Championships

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