Safety is Paramount

Australian Biathlon and all its branches and affiliates regard safety as its Number One priority. 


Requests for Membership of Australian Biathlon are carefully considered, and the process starts with an interview.

Biathletes in all states train at ranges closest to their homes. Our Biathlon Range is the one and only Biathlon Range in Australia at Mt Hotham, Victoria

When selecting your range to practice target shooting be certain that the range is licensed for prone and standing disciplines, both of which are part of the sport of Biathlon; check that your club insists on best practice protocols with safety, membership selection, on-range safety procedures and there are standard processes for accrediting qualified Range Officers and P650 supervisors. Ensure that your range has additional safety in the form of ballistic baffles.

Biathlon NSW Branch,  recommends

  • The Range Officer must be qualified and accredited or otherwise authorised to act as Range Officer by the Club Captain. Merely attending a course is insufficient. An applicant's suitability is determined by their character, personality, demeanour besides passing a thorough examination.

  • Every unlicensed shooter, adult or minor must complete a P650 form and must have one-on-one personal supervision. This is the law in NSW. 

  • Minors must have a minors permit, otherwise they are obliged to go through the P650 procedure

  • Only authorised officials are permitted to supervise P650 shooters. 

  • Check that anti-ballistic baffles have been installed 

  • It is the law in NSW that no person under the age of 12 is permitted to handle firearms

  • It is the law in NSW that biathlon rifles can only be used at licensed rifle ranges. This means shooting at targets, whether biathlon or not, in an isolated property in the country is prohibited.

  • Be sure you only ever practice target shooting at a range licensed for both prone and standing.

  • We insist on the use of breech flags by biathletes

  • We insist on the careful carriage of firearms. The safe direction for carrying the rifle at most ranges is muzzle up or, when at the firing point, or down range pointed at the target area. 

  • Always treat a firearm as loaded.

  • Wear ear protection

  • Wear enclosed shoes

  • Always be attentive to the Range Officer's instructions or you may be removed from the range

  • The laws in NSW and safety protocols at our range are there for your safety and that of other members. 

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