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Athlete Trains on Christmas Day, Livigno

Video Credit: Jill Colebourn, Australian Biathlete

Australian Biathlon's Jill Colebourn made this video on Christmas Day 2016. See Jill head off from the Australian Biathlon Team's hostel onto the XC pistes.

Jill, who lives in Sydney, NSW and trains at the Hornsby Range, is in Livigno for the Australian Biathlon High Performance European Camp. We have 11 AUS biathletes training with 4 specialist Italian Coaches. Australian Biathlon provides programs across the range from High Performance athletes to grassroots novices and as well Masters Training Programs.

Livigno is a Ski Resort Town which runs along a valley with groomed pistes on slopes on both side of the town. There're free buses that run continuously from one end of the town to the other. Here you see Jill catching the eco-bus for the short distance to the groomed trails, and the well groomed pistes. Accommodation anywhere in Livigno is convenient with these free eco-buses.

Livigno's invested in snow making and underground storage in enormous bunkers of snow, and of course, with the lake, there's no shortage of water either. No snow, no problem - given the altitude here (the altitude in the valley is 1816m), it's always cold enough to pump out the snow. In the European snow drought of 2015, Livigno was able to create 10 km of XC trails, all freshly groomed daily...and that's not including the downhill pistes that are also created.

Come and Try Biathlon in Sydney, NSW. Our NSW Branch of the National Federation, Australian Biathlon provides coaching every Sunday, both in Roller Skiing and Biathlon Target Shooting. Click on this link to find out more on biathlon training in NSW.

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