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Sunday training report - "hot and humid"

Sydney was very hot this weekend with temperatures between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. Most school sport was cancelled and most people retreated to air-conditioned buildings. Biathletes must be made of stern stuff. Despite the heat we still trained. This week we were at Parramatta Park where there is a 3.14km loop.

Nour is leading the way with a combination of leg strength and stamina. Our junior athlete found is continuing to improve, even with the heat. The other Masters are pursuing Nour and agree it is good to have someone to 'drag' us along.

It is quite amazing how people ask us about roller skiing when I'm at Parramatta Park. I always have someone ask me about it and I'm only to happy to be an ambassador for the sport.

If it was hot roller skiing it seemed even warmer at the range. I had sweat dripping down my face lying on the ground. It was just me at training today. I had mixed results but I did get a 5 hits out of 5 on standing on the metal target.

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