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Sunday Training - Feb 26, 2017

Today's session was a bit different. Instead of our usual roller skiing we did a session on strength, fitness and balance. The idea was to provide everyone with the knowledge to be able to train at home or at the gym.

There were a number of drills working on the different parts of the body. Some of the drills used equipment such as barbells, dumbells, medicine balls with an emphais on good position and movement to avoid injury and to get the maximum benefit.

We did a number of drills designed to improve balance such as bending down on a balance disc.

We did some rope ladder drills for agility, fitness and simulating cross country ski technique.

Interval training taught how to use short sessions with a rest in-between to improve speed and fitness.

The session was very well received and hopefully everyone is able to implement into their busy lives.

At the range John, Mark and Juel practised various target practise drills. John's prone is fantastic at the moment. John and Mark did a mini-comp where exercises was used to raise their heartrate and they were against the clock and each other. They finished with an almost identical time but John's advantage in prone was too good for Mark's advantage in Standing.

[Here some photos from the previous week's training session]

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