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15 Lanes For This Winter!

Exciting news, members! 

Works on extending our range have started and this weekend a dozen hardy members toiled at Whiskey Flat

  • Trees were removed to create three extra lanes

  • The butt was extended

  • The coaches mound was extended to match

  •  Cleared areas were re-vegetated

  • Trails were mown ( mowing tussock is a massive job)

  • Drainage works in three separate areas with underground pipes laid - that'll help keep the range operational in marginal conditions.

Thanks to our members from Sydney, Albury, Wodonga and Melbourne who took time out of their weekends to assist.  Neither Tom Wilkinson nor Amity Maranteli  are shirkers. They are a credit to their parents. They are just 15 and 14 years old and took on the heavy work, hauling loads of timber and turf, shovelling and chopping wood. Thank you to Hotham Resort Management and to the Victorian State government for their continuing support.

Neil Richardson managed the project with practical efficiency. Well done, Neil! 

Works will continue over Easter and we look forward to your assistance then!