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Training 2 April 2017

Today's Sunday training started at the earlier time of 7am, so that Jill could spend time with the Masters group before swapping over to the Juniors.

As it turned out, the Juniors could not attend, so Mark and I had an extended 1.5 hour lesson!

Jill told us both to focus on moving our hips forward as we rise to the downward pole with double time. We also tried a drill we can do to reinforce this at the start of a session

When it works you can feel the extra glide. However, until we get used to it, the movement will feel a bit scary, but is a necessary step on the way to improvement.

John & Juel attended the coaching session at Hornsby. Elaine, Li and the juniors were also there, completing their Range Safety test with Ursula.

Juel again showed her skills at Prone shooting, but like me, her Standing is a work in progress! We both spent most of the training session with Jill on standing.

Jill changed a few aspects of my Standing position today (keep a more closed stance to "hug" the rifle , only shoot when the breath is exhaled, and train at race pace). The results as expected after making some changes were patchy, though at least I hit 3/5 for my last two bouts on the metal target.

Next weekend is our April Camp, and we are all looking forward to a weekend of training and competition!

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