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April 2017 Biathlon autumn camp

What a weekend! Biathlon coaches Paul and Tosh flew up from Melbourne to coach the Sydney (NSW Biathlon) contingent. It was a weekend of intensive training with roller ski sessions, shooting, competitions and delicious Italian food. I think I can speak for all of us to say we are exhausted but it was great fun.

Saturday started early at 7:30am with a roller ski session at Lane Cove. We focused on technique with various roller ski drills and everyone got personalised advice on areas to work on.

After roller skiing we travelled to the Hornsby rifle range for target practise. Among the drills we practised was running around the oval to get our heart rates up and simulate the stress of racing. For some of our newer athletes it was real eye opener to find out how much harder it is to hit the target under those conditions. Our times overall and range times were recorded with a time penalty for every miss.

On Saturday night we had a dinner at the best pizza place in Sydney, Via Napoli. Yummo.

On the Sunday we changed locations and went to the Western Sydney Parklands at Glendenning. For many of us this was the first time they had roller skied there and it turned out to be a great venue; the track is in excellent condition, it’s flat and there are no cars. After a warmup we had a roller-ski race, with Nour victorious in the open class and David wining the Juniors. In the relay race certain victory was snatched when I fell over and in a 3 way photo finish team Nour/David just crossed the line in front.

We then went back to the range for more shooting, running and even more exercises. Errrr…did I volunteer for this??? The sore core and shoulder muscles did serve the purpose though of replicating shooting under conditions of fatigue.

A huge thank-you for Paul and Tosh for making the journey north and providing valuable coaching. I’m looking forward to the Masters camp at Hotham in July.

A big thank-you also needs to go to Gen and John for organising the camp and to Phil and Jill for providing valuable help over the weekend. And lastly thank-you to the parents, and their kids, who providing help during the roller-ski race.

Now if you will excuse me but I’ve got a lot of roller ski practise do….right after I collapse on this couch.

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