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Thank You Biathlon Community!

Biathletes, you'll see the results of the efforts of our community of volunteers when you visit the range this winter. 

The range remains closed till works are finished. We got a huge amount done this Easter but there's finishing touches that'll soon be underway .

Special thanks to some amazing folk in our community who shared their time, skills, experience and equipment. 

Ryan Buckley hauled his bobcat up the mountain to overhaul drainage works at the range. This essential drainage will help protect snow cover at the range. 

Dave and Kell Marantelli, Amity's ​parents took responsibility for the project of extending the firing point. Dave knew exactly what had to be done to achieve the result.

Phil and Carol Ann Mann with their troop of boys rebuilt part of the hut, installing new insulation into the wall and essential drainage. Phil works on parts of the hut each year, please be sure to thank the Manns for the warm hut we all enjoy.

Huge thanks to Wal who did all the metal work prior to the working Bee and came up a few days earlier to start work. This was necessary to ensure the targets were installed on schedule. 

There were lots of folk who helped doing all sorts of work as assistants​ to make the project happen. Thanks to Di Angus, John Joyce, the Clarkes, the Mahon s the Colebourns, Flanagans, Greg o'd, Neil B, the Cullen family, Cranages! It was all hands on deck and it was wonderful to see everyone pitching in, including the 12 year olds. 

Neil took charge of the construction of the target housing with Linas, Giles and Alan Hope. 

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