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Sunday training and Race - 7 May 2017

Another great day in Sydney and what a day to look out over the wonderful Sydney Harbour. Today we were joined by a new coach, Martina, all the way from Livigno, Italy. Martina will assist Jill with coaching while she studies English at Sydney University.

It was just the masters today and we had a session on Double-time (one-skate, V2) and Single-time (two skate, V1). Most of us stuggle to master these techniques so it was challenging but worthwhile training. (I've been working like a dog on One-Skate. There is no easy way to get it except lots of practise).

At the range we were joined by a new junior who comes to us from cross country skiing. The focus was on getting into position with the pressure of other competitors next to us.

Today was a Sydney Summer Biathlon race. The race consists of a running a loop, shooting 5 targets from the prone position, running another loop, shooting 5 targets from a standing position and one more loop to finish. The results are published here. (Requires a password)

"Congratulations to John for the best shooting on the day, to Juel for fastest Veterans course speed and to Jill for lowest average range time and overall winner (with our junior performing very creditably on range time also). There was very little difference between John, Mark and Nour on range time – albeit all slightly slower than their average range times in our Comps last month. " said Phil Colebourn, Race Director.

Competing at the Biathlon range

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