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Sunday Biathlon training - 21 May 2017

The weatherman threatened wet weather instead we got another sunny Sydney day. Sydney may not have snow but it does have other advantages. And so we run out usual a roller ski session. There was only our youngest member and our nearly oldest member attending and so they enjoyed one on one coaching from Jill and Martina.

Today we started with a session without poles to focus on gliding then we incorporated the poles. Martina and I did intervals where we would do short sprints with the focus on speed and reacting quickly. A really good training session. It was also good to see some other roller skiers out and about including an Olympian.

At the target shooting session Jill coached two juniors and Mark. I had a strange day where I got my zeroing wrong and I was missing without really knowing why. Unless I really aimed for a 10 I couldn't knock down the metal target. However,using the electonic targets I realised all my shots were low. Once I adjusted my sights I was back in business!

point of view roller skiing

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