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Saturday & Sunday training - 28 May 2017

Sydney, Australia

On Saturday, we did a strength session with Martina from Italy in the park. Martina will be running this session every week. Let us know what day and time suits you as we can run it on a Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon.

It's 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. There is fog floating on the river and it feels as cold as it looks. Mmmmm....so why am I doing this again?? Sometimes it takes a bit of commitment to roller ski early in the morning.

We had quite a few committed biathletes roller skiing this morning and in the following session at the Hornsby rifle range.

For roller skiing we did some skiing without poles then intervals where Jill, without warning, would tell us to sprint for 10 seconds. The last exercise was a gymkhana with skiing on grass, around poles, stepping sideways over sticks, double-poling and a relay format to really mixed it up. Thanks again to our coaches.

For the target shooting session at Hornsby we practised hitting targets with our heartrates up.

There were a lot of pink shirts today at Biathlon training so come ‘on boys we need to even up the numbers.

If you are interested in joining us please get in contact. We have try-Biathlon events in Sydney during the year.

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