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Saturday & Sunday biathlon training - Sydney - 4 June 2017

The snow has fallen in the mountains and you can feel the anticipation as the Winter has started. On Saturday our Italian coach led a group in strength training at Wahroonga Park. On Sunday morning we had a good turn-out and it was good to see other groups training for eveything from amateur events to the Olympics.

This week we did some drills including "cat and mouse", where one person has to chase down the other. It was a lot of fun and is helping us with building the skills needed to sprint.

At the Hornsby range we did a mixture of drills including running at different heart rate levels, to simulate the effort of skiing, before shooting at 5 targets in the prone and standing position. For more details see the results section

Photo 1: The gang enjoying another wonderful Sydney morning.

Biathlon training in Sydney

Photo 2: I've only seen Jill fall once so I couldn't resist taking a photo. Eeeooo.....gross!!!

Jill's sore knee

Photo 3: Is it really that cold? Alternative caption: the roller skiing bushranger.

Is it really that cold?

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