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Sunday Biathlon Training - Sydney - June 11, 2017

Despite the heaps of rain over the past few days, four hardy ABA members and Martina our coach headed out on the wet tracks at Lane Cove.

We were all very careful as the leaves and twigs were very slippery. Fortunately, there was no further rain.

After a warmup, Martina split us into two groups: Masters & Juniors.

Martina had Nour and I follow her and "do what she did". This meant changing technique periodically: Double time; Single time; Offset.

I have always found changing poling direction from left to right while doing Offset very hard. Martina showed us two methods to make this transition:smoothly: first by doing a "fake pole", and another method I promptly forgot!

For the first time ever I was able to change poling direction smoothly using the "fake pole" approach. This is really helpful if the track camber changes as you need to pole uphill.

Martina then left us to coach the Juniors. Nour and I continued up to Lane Cove Road: Nour cruising with me in his wake. Coming down the steep section was tricky as our brakes slipped even on skikes.

We rejoined the girls and then Martina had us do the Cat and Mouse sprints. These are really good for a high intensity exercise, and help to build speed for racing.

My technique fell away after the first sprint and I ended up flailing with my poles. Martina will show us how to sprint with good technique next week.

Jill was busy this weekend, so Nour, Juel and I went to Hornsby and did our own shooting training.

Biathlon training in Sydney

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