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Sunday Sydney Biathlon training - 18 June 2017

Our roller-ski coach Martina split the group into two (Boys and Girls) or if I’m being mean (Young Guns and Oldies). Today the focus was on transitioning from one side to the other during roller skiing. In other words, how to change from predominately poling on the left to predominately poling on the right and vice versa. The two techniques are fake pole or if you are doing single-time (V1) popping in a quick double-time (V2) and then continuing on the opposite side. There is also a third technique which Nour and I use which I have no idea what I'm actually doing but it seems to work.

At the range it was very busy with not only the regular biathletes but also some new juniors who are being evaluated with the view to competing in this year’s competitions. Safety is paramount so it is important that they are observed on multiple occasions by a coach to ensure they can safely handle a firearm and follow all the safety protocols.

We were lucky enough to have another Italian coach from Livigno, Emil. He is living in Melbourne this year and was in Sydney visiting.

Lastly there is going to be the inaugural NSW Rollerski Championships in Sydney this year. This is open to anyone with roller-skis. You don’t have to be in Biathlon to compete. Check it out here

Roller skiers in Sydney training for biathlon

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