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Luca's Training Camp

The popular coach Luca Bormolini was back in Australia and commenced with a training camp in Sydney.

Saturday started with everyone roller skiing at Lane Cove. It was cold but fine.

After a short warmup, Luca quickly split us into two groups:

  • Juniors (also known as “the Future!”)

  • Masters (unkindly known as “the Past”)

In the Masters group, Mark and I were given specific suggestions based on what we wanted to improve. I wanted more glide. Luca told me to look ahead rather than down, and to keep my shoulders facing up the track.

It was a 2 hour+ session - much longer session than we normally have. Martina told me a 1 hour session such as we normally have on a Sunday is really too short.

After our rollerski session, we had a stretching session – so important to maintain flexible muscles. Some of us are more flexible than others.

We then headed to Hornsby.Firstly Luca had a coaching session with High performance athletes.

After a nice lunch in the sun, it was time for the Juniors to shoot.

Mark and I did our own training alongside the Juniors. My own performance was patchy: Solid on prone, and unpredictable when Standing. I worked on reloading more smoothly, which probably distracted me from the other essential aspects of good technique.

The final session of the day was a training session for Officials. Luca outlined how he wants races to be run in the future. This will make our events run in a similar fashion to the IBU & World Cup events. It is obvious that a number of our processes need to change!

After the sessions were completed, many of the group went off to dinner at “Karoo & Co” in Wahroonga. It is an Italian restaurant I have not seen previously, and everyone enjoyed the food and the company. Martina chose pizza with avocado. It is safe to say you do not find that combination in Italy!

Australian biathlon caters to the entire spectrum of athletes and each group appreciated the individual attention from coach Bormolini.

Thank you to Martina Viviani for helping with roller ski training and excercise / High pulse rate work.