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Masters Winter Biathlon camp - day 3

Excellent snow conditions again for day 3 of the Masters Biathlon camp. 

The morning was more drills at the range including the ladder drill. The ladder drill involves having to hit a number of targets out of five before progressing to the next stage. The stages get progressively harder until you have used up all your ammunition. 

Paul and Tosha took us on a ski around Christmas hill. It was tough on the uphills and lots of fun down the hills. 

That night a banquet was held at Masters HQ with everyone contributing a dish to the meal. Anti-pasta, roast lamb, beef, roast potatoes, apple pie, custard, tropical fruit.. yummy! I think I'll still be digesting dinner on day 5.

If you are interested in Biathlon and are over 35 years old then please contact us for details on next year's camp.