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Australian Biathlon Championships 2017 - Day 1

Wow…what a great weekend. The Australian Biathlon Championships not only had some great racing but also a wonderful social event and once again the efforts of numerous volunteers showed what a great future, and present, this sport has.

The first day of competition looked bleak in the morning. There was a massive dump of snow early in the week but warmer weather had made many of the tracks inconsistent. You never knew when planting your pole if it was going to disappear into a hole. Fortunately the wizards of grooming from Mt Hotham worked their magic and provided great courses for everyone. That just left the chilling wind and a bit of rain to content with. However, it’s surprising how warm you feel within the first 20 metres of racing.

In the Individual event there were some very strong performances from NSW.

  • Jill Colebourn won the Open Women’s Individual event followed by Sabrina Howell.

  • Mark Elliott won the Masters Men’s Individual event.

  • Nour Eldin Tarraf made his debut with a very strong 5th place in the Masters Men’s Individual event.

  • Robyn Englert came 4th in the Masters Women’s Individual event.

  • Lulu Miskin came a remarkable 2nd in her first ever Australian Championship race in Women’s under 19. A star of the future maybe.

  • David Patterson came 2nd in Men’s Under 15. Another strong debut.

  • Isabella Moon came 3rd in Women’s Under 15.

  • Isobel Patterson had a slightly confused race but still did well.

  • Sasika Moon came first in her class in Women’s Sport.

That night there was a Biathlon dinner at the Dinner Plain Hotel. It was a great chance for the competitors, volunteers, coaches and parents to socialise and enjoy a delicious meal together. The Minister for Sport and the Biathlon President presented the medals to the day’s winners.

A huge thank-you to the volunteers who put in the effort to make it such a well run, enjoyable and safe event. Some people drive for hours and hours to be there to assist others.

Sabrina Howell, NSW branch member on the international biathlon competition circuit goes in hard at the finish.

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