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Australian Biathlon Championships 2017 - Day 2

The Sunday is when the Sprint event is held. Each competitor completes three laps of the course with two shoots in-between. Missing a target requires the athlete to ski a penalty loop of about 30 seconds.


  • Jill Colebourn and Sabrina Howell completed a 1-2 in the Open Women’s event.

  • Mark Elliott managed to claw back an additional miss on the shooting to win by less than 2 seconds in the Masters Men’s event.

  • Nour Eldin Tarraf backed up his previous results with another 5th place in the Masters Men’s event.

  • Robyn Englert did one better than the day before to get onto the podium with a 3rd place in the Masters Women’s event.

  • Tom Wilkinson's taken away the Gold again! Great work, Tom!

Tom Wilkinson from Albury takes the lead in the Men's U17. A Gold winner each time!

  • Lulu Miskin came in 2nd again with another impressive ski.

  • David Patterson had a tough time in the range with 9 misses. That’s a lot of penalty laps David. But still came away with the silver in Men’s Under 15.

  • Isabella Moon won her class in Women’s Under 15. What a great result.

  • Isobel Patterson had a very good shoot, shooting clean and then only 2 misses in the second shoot to come in 4th against older competitors in the Women’s Under 15.

  • Sasika Moon skied away with the bronze Women’s U17.

Some very strong performances from NSW and some very encouraging results for the future for the juniors.

Jill, Australian Biathlon NSW branch member on the Biathlon Olympic Shadow Team finishes with yet another Gold.

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