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Review of Swix aluminium roller ski poles

When I broke a pole recently roller skiing I started to look for a replacement and I was surprised to see Swix aluminium roller ski poles specifically for roller skiing for sale. They seemed well priced and after several roller skiing sessions using them here are my thoughts. By the way I'm a skate skier.

The construction of the Swix roller ski poles is aluminium which is rare now as every other cross country ski pole seems to be either carbon or even fibreglass. Aluminium makes sense though as it is less vulnerable, is still quite light and stiffer than some of the cheaper fibreglass poles.

One thing you do need with roller ski poles is when you are poling on solid asphalt they need to be quite stiff. I have a pair of cheap fibre glass poles which are too bendy. Every time I pushed down with those the pole flexes, the tip moves, slips and I lose force or even my balance. In comparison the Swix roller ski poles are quite stiff. (I’m a medium strength male).

The handle is the same design as other Swix poles but is rubber. The outer layer of the rubber started to shed almost straight away. I don’t know if this is by design, to reveal the gripper rubber underneath but so far it works OK. I’m using gloves so maybe they are too rough for those handles.

The pole straps are the same excellent Pro Fit 2 strap as other Swix poles. At a later stage, once these handles wear out, I may swap them for some cork ones off some more expensive, broken, poles.

The Swix roller ski poles come with roller ski tips which means you don’t have to spend money buying a set up roller ski pole tips saving you about A$25.

The best thing I think about the poles is the price. I bought these from www.crosscountryskier.com.au and they were A$125 for the pair. That is a pretty good price for poles and means you can keep your expensive carbon/composite lightweight poles for the snow and use the Swix roller ski poles exclusively for roller skiing.

The Swix aluminium roller ski poles are priced well, durable, have excellent hand straps and come with the tungsten roller ski tips as standard. They have some compromises to meet a lower price point but it is a good combination for roller skiing and I would recommend them.

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