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Spring training - 17 Sept 2017

The weather was warm and dry for our Roller skiing session yesterday at Lane Cove.

I was a bit late as I got "stuck" in the Eastern suburbs due to the Sydney marathon. There were many diversions and I drove around in circles trying to get across the harbour!

There were six of us, including our coach Jill. We welcomed Gary McGregor and his son for the session. I last saw them up at Falls Creek after the Kangaroo Hoppet, when I told them about our group. I was impressed to see Gary on rollerskis after some years on Skikes. I am also planning to get back on my rollerskis - the Skikes are a bit too forgiving.

Coach Jill put us through a number of drills in the session, with a focus on balance and glide.

For one drill without poles, Jill asked us to get the maximum glide from each kick.

We counted our steps over a fixed distance and tried to reduce the steps each time we repeated the exercise.

I was the only one who attended Jill's later coaching session at Hornsby. We focussed on single shots from the standing position, with me attempting to call the result each time.

A highlight of the day was celebrating the birthday for one of the Hornsby members with a cake. It was a sponge cake - my favourite!

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