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Biathlon Training - Sunday 1st October

Today was warm, dry, and sunny. Perfect for dryland biathlon training.

Myah and I went rollerskiing at Lane Cove. I was on roller-skis rather than skikes for only the second time at Lane Cove. I have been practicising a bit on my roller skis recently so it was not too difficult. I even managed to stay upright, although I took it very slowly on the downhills.

After our warm-up going out past the bubbler, we found a stretch of road good for our training.

We practised our gliding without poles, as we did last week with Jill. Myah took about 3 fewer steps than me each time.

We then took our poles and again practised gliding over a longer distance. Again Myah was a few steps better than me.

Myah's rollerskiing has really improved. It has been only two years since she started on skikes. On the first session I had to pull her up a small incline. It won't be long now until she is dragging me along!

The standout performance however was by Li. She managed to set a PB for jogging, by going all the way out to where the road splits. She was so pleased! She told us she was inspired by all the runners from the "Sydney Striders" competing at that time.

At Hornsby there were three biathletes for the 3P session (Nour, Myah and me), plus Jill our coach.

After zeroing, Jill had us competing to score points on shooting drills.

We had to call out shots as hit or miss. If we thought it was a miss, we had to nominate the direction. A hit scored 1, but you also scored if you correctly called your shot a miss, and in what direction.

Myah impressed with her ability to recall the direction of her shots, from 1-5!

We started on Prone for a couple of mags and then Standing for a couple of mags.

Then we did the same with some strength exercises before each shoot.

Nour scored best, then Myah then me.

The session emphasised again the importance of training for competition with a heart rate.

I scored pretty well before the session with a strong score in Prone and fairly good in Standing (including four shots making a hole in the 9-ring!). However this counted for nothing when the group training started. As Luca says, shooting without a pulse means nothing.