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NSW Firearms FAQs on Laser Biathlon

NSW Firearms has provided Australian Biathlon with detailed and clear instructions on the supervision, use, transport and storage of Laser Biathlon Equipment. Remember at all times, Lasers remain imitation firearms and are therefore deemed to be firearms. It is only because of special exemptions provided to the sports of Pentathlon and Biathlon that their use is permitted and only when under appropriate supervision.

So, remember these remain firearms and these must be stored as you would with Class A and B firearms - in a locked rifle safe. Use must always be under supervision of biathletes, and the definition is provided in the detailed FAQs.

To read click here to go to the page on Lasers in NSW or on the images which link to NSW Firearm's Exemption specifically to our sport (Section 116A of the Regulations) and FAQs issued on 19 October 2017

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