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First day of October Camp

Today was fine and sunny in Sydney, perfect for the first day of our October Camp.

The group gathered in the morning at Lane Cove. Mike Lillycrapp, an ex-World Cup biathlete,  is the coach for this camp.

Mike started off outlining what he wanted us to cover in the session.

The group moved off for agility drills.

I stayed back with another Mike, a visitor, and first time skiker. I helped Mike with some basic drills on his skikes... stability when double poling; skootering on one skike; stepping around your pole.

After an hour, I joined the other group. We were in one of the car parks following an agility course set by Mike L. Declan impressed with his skiing ability, and most of us improved over the session. By the end of it, everyone seemed happy except Mark who broke his rollerskis doing an over-enthusiastic jump.

After  the Rollerski session we headed to Hornsby. Coach Mike took us for some Ski-bounding on one of the fire-tracks in the local bush. Mike explained this is really important training. For most of us, this was the first time we had done ski-bounding. We found it challenging and quite tiring up the hills. Declan again impressed with the power and coordination of his bounding.

We were all pretty tired after a few of the hills and headed back to Hornsby for lunch.

Gen had purchased some nice salads and we made out own wraps. Mike handed out some huge grapefruit, courtesy of Bob Cranage at Wodonga. I am told they are delicious!

We had a large group on the range after lunch as the Patterson's joined us. This was a busy session with Juniors, Masters, Jill and three visitors all working to improve their skills. Mike ensured everyone received some coaching and tips to improve.

After my zeroing, I did some one shot relay exercises with Mark. We did it first for Prone (10 single shots each, tagging off each other fater each shot) and then Standing.

I finished off with Standing shooting with Strength exercises.

Four of us took Mike to dinner at Via Napoli. I shared in 1m of pizza... Bravo!!

Must get some rest now  before the big race tomorrow...

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