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Roller-ski session at Lane Cove

With Jill away, Mark led our group of four skaters for a training session at Lane Cove this morning.

After a warm-up, we practised free-skating without poles up a gentle slope. We then skated up to the bubbler to work on our double time. We repeated the drill of skiing without poles on a flat section of the road, trying to get the longest glide possible. Mark gave us some suggestions on how to improve our style.

At the end of the regular session, Marti and I skated the length of the park up to Ryde Road. It was Marti's first time up the steep slope and my first time up that hill on rollerskis.

It was hard work up the hill and we took a breather at the top. We were both a bit wary of going back down the hill. I suggested Marti sit down if he went out of control. Only a few seconds after that my brakes came loose and I had to follow my own advice. Luckily no harm was done and I managed to get down without further issues, although rather slowly as I have never really learnt to stop without brakes. Fortunately Marti had the relevant allen key so I could tighten the brakes again and we headed back to the car park.

Marti has done really well with his skating in the few months since the Hoppit. It is great to have him as part of the training group.