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IBU Cup 1 Results

Hi all Overnight, the second Sprint event of IBU Cup 1 as Sjusjoen, NOR were held in much better conditions than Thursday's event. Happily, Jill Colebourn had recovered from the flu enough to take part in her first race for 2017-2018. Results: Men 10 km Sprint: Jeremy Flanagan 127th (2+2) including a 2 minute penalty for a missed loop Women 7.5 km Sprint: Jil Colebourn 93rd (1+2)  China, host of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games and in D.4 for Olympic 2018 selection, is an emerging force. Chinese athletes placed in the Men 55,68,115 and in Women 26,67,76,83. Jill and Jeremy will line up at 8pm tonight AEDT in Bib 20 for the final event of IBU Cup 1 for AUS, the Single Mixed Relay. After this, the next event is IBU Cup 2 at Lenzerheide, SUI, 5-10 December. Comms O