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Try Summer Laser Biathlon

Laser Biathlon by Biathlon NSW, Australian Biathlon

Try Laser Biathlon at Scots. Presented by Australian Biathlon NSW branch

 Both Scots College and Mosman Prep students enjoyed the opportunity to Try Summer Laser Biathlon. These "Try" Events were made possible only because the NSW Firearms Registry has only in the recent few weeks issued their directives on the use of Lasers in Biathlon. Until then, use of Lasers was illegal in NSW.

Over 30 participants tried our Norwegian made lightweight Laser Biathlon Systems and the events were fun not just with Laser target shooting but also in the agility activities. Part of our process is the instruction on the use of Lasers as though they're firearms and to respect them as such.  Basic range safety rules were taught and this'll help in the children's transition to Biathlon when they're ready. 

The events were huge fun and the children were engaged! Many hadn't tried roller skiing and were keen to try our skikes. 

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