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Boxing Day For Our Team In Livigno

Christmas Dinner up the mountain. Very good! We had to go by snowshoes. Pretty solid workout going up. Easier going down but a heavy snowstorm - see photo after we got back to the car park. 

Today we were shown the "stone grinder" machine used by the preferred ski shop, LaPollonia. Here’s the First step: scrape off any rough lumps with a metal scraper .. then use the grinding machine with a plain stone to get a smooth surface 

Final result: smooth ski base into which fine chevrons have been ground. Martina said this is done maybe once per season per ski. Stone grinding gives a permanent pattern. In comparison, you can do something similar as a temporary solution manually, using small brass rollers that you lean on and roll down the ski. The grinding machine costs over 80k euro.  

After the demo, we went to the Range. There has been a lot of snow overnight, so the tracks are not groomed. After zeroing on paper (2P 1S), we did 4 mags (2P 2S) each with a slow loop and a fast loop before shooting. Now we have the afternoon off. We go snowshoeing to a restaurant tonight. Headlamps needed. Biathlon Races at Isolaccia tomorrow! 

Photo credits: John, laura, jill. Thanks! 

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