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Another Olympic Q under the belt

More good news!

Today’s results at the second event (sprint) at IBU cup 4 , Slovakia: Women’s/ Jill Colebourn: 175.19 points today. Rank 73/93, 3:36m behind #1, Russian Kaisheva. 

This is an improvement on yesterday’s Sprint results and a second qualification result towards the 2018 Olympics.  Yesterday 178.15 points ; rank 77/94 , 3:41 m behind #1, Russian Kaisheva 

This is now standard performance for Australian Biathlon! This is the best performance for an Australian Woman biathlete in 20 years, since Lynn Maree Cranage.  The IBU fixed the error in their points calculation from yesterday.  That’s what happens when we have a mathematician on our side 🙃. Felix Bitterling of The ibu wrote to Australian Biathlon to thank us for our attentiveness.

Photo credit: instagram #jillcolebourn and Stanislaw Spcic. 

Athlete Colebourn has sent her thanks to the National Federation, Australian Biathlon, the National Head coach, Luca Bormolini and ski specialist, Fausto Bormetti. 

The AOC and the National Federation funded an intensive training camp in Norway and resources for competitions through trimesters 1 and 2, with the specific objective of assisting our Australian Biathletes qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Clearly The AOC ‘s and National Federation’s strategy has paid off. 

Damon Morton was again today a DNS. 

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