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The Qualifications So Far. 13 Days to Go!

Our athletes will know in just 13 days if AUS has been allocated places at the 2018 Korea Winter Olympic Games (WOG). The IBU has informed the date of notification to National Federations of allocation of places is 22 January 2018.

Some months ago we wrote about the 2018 WOG qualification requirements on this page: https://www.biathlon-nsw.com/winter-olympics-2018. In essence, unless an athlete is amongst the top 22 nations, being the very best in your nation is insufficient to qualify for participation at the 2018 WOG. In order for Australia to gain a place at 2018 WOG, our shadow team athletes, Damon Morton, Jill Colebourn and Darcie Morton have to

1) firstly obtain an average of 3 personal qualification points of under 180

2) AND then aim to be one of the top 5 athletes whose nations are not part of the top 22 nations (rule D.4)

These are the current Olympic qualification rules, which were published after the 2014 IBU Congress, a few months after the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The AOC together with the National Federation, Australian Biathlon, funded an intensive preparation camp in Norway and resourced all 5 IBU cup qualifying events in both Trimesters 1 and 2 so as to allow our shadow team members the best opportunity to attain qualification for 2018 WOG. As AUS is not one of the top 22 nations, the qualification pathway for Australian Biathletes would be via rule D.4 of which there are just 5 places, with a sixth place for the host nation.

This IBU qualification system for 2018 WOG is reported on the webpage referred to above but here it is again for your reference: IBU Qualification System.

The Australian Biathlon website reported on 7 January 2018 the following IBU qualification points for our shadow Team athletes:

Australian Biathlon Shadow Team for 2018 Winter Olympic Games Korea

Men: Damon Morton 136.06 points

Women: Jill Colebourn 178.15 and 175.19 points; Darcie Morton 252.68 points.

If you'd like to follow our team at their last qualification opportunity, Damon and Jill are registered to race at Arber for IBU Cup 5, this weekend.

For the results for all our athletes who have participated at IBU events to date for this 2017-18 season, you'll find them on Australian Biathlon's News page. Therein you'll also find links to Biathlon World's Data Centre. It has all the results to date for our Aussie biathletes, at IBU events.