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Youth World Championships,Estonia

We have two young athletes at Youth World Championships in Estonia at the moment, Darcie Morton and Will Neuhaus. Luca is the coach for our team of two. Both are 18 years old and in their last year of the “Youth” category. Youth are for those 15 to 18 Junior are for those 19 to 21 The 26th of February was the first event – the long distance Individual. Results are as attached and the analysis (ranking ski time, range time etc) prepared by our AB statistician is available.  Darcie Morton (F) 10 km Individual 32/91, 1 penalty, 3.33 m behind the #1. Those who qualify in the top half of the field would automatically qualify to participate at IBU cup. This is not relevant to Darcie as she is already a competitor at IBU cup. Will Neuhaus (M) 12.5 km. Individual 91/92, 10 penalties, 19.41m behind the #1 

Sprints will be held on 2 March and we wish our AUS team all the best! 

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