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School biathlon program

Biathlon Australia is running a program for schools interested in the sport of biathlon. It's a chance for teens and children to learn new skills, gain fitness and be entertained on a Sunday afternoon.

The participants learn marksmanship using Laser rifles. We learn fitness, balance and strength through exercises and the obstacle course.

In the absence of snow, ski technique is learnt through roller skiing. Skikes are provided for those who don't have their own roller skis.

We always finish the day with a few races where we simulate a biathlon race with running and then shooting with a heart rate against the clock. As always the emphasis is on fun and personal achievement.

Photo 1: Ready, set go!

Photo 2: Coach Mark explaining. Hence the need to put his hands on his hips.

Photo 3: The girls and boys learn marksmanship with laser rifles.

Photo 4: For the older teens the more difficult standing position is taught and practised.

Photo 5: Star of the future maybe....Coach Phil provides some one on one training.