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Roller ski glove review - Mechanix Wear Medium Leather Original Gloves

Roller-skiing is a very specialised sport which means it’s is not always easy to try and buy equipment. One area you can find equipment is gloves. There are specialist roller ski gloves or you can do what I’ve done which is buy a pair of work gloves from the local hardware store such as Bunnings. This way you can try the gloves before you buy and get the exact fit.

Today I’m reviewing the Mechanix Wear Medium Leather Original® Gloves which are A$30 at Bunnings.

Mechanix Wear Medium Leather Original® Gloves have leather palms to protect your hands if you fall. They are reasonably comfortable. The Velcro is just right. I often find that the Velcro on gloves doesn’t allow me to tighten them up enough. They are not too hot and the price at $30 is good.

One thing I would like to be done differently is for the gloves to extend further up the arm.

Roller ski gloves