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Intensive Biathlon Camp, Sydney

The Sydney branch of Australian Biathlon was very blessed to have experienced coaches Paul and Tosha fly up from Melbourne to run one of our weekend camps.

We started the morning with a session of roller-skiing in sunshine. Tosh and Paul run us through drills starting with the basics of skiing without poles to get gliding on one ski for longer. We then added other elements such as double poling until we were ski-ing (skating) more efficiently. It was fantastic to have such a big chunk of time to focus on skills. By the end of the session felt so stable.

Biathletes practising target shooting in the prone position

The next session was at the target rifle range. In Biathlon it isn't enough to just hit the target. You need to be able to acquire and fire at the target quickly as every second counts.

Coaching and supervision of a junior athlete

In the afternoon we did even more roller skiing for those who couldn't make the morning session or just can't get enough roller skiing.

The group getting ready for our roller ski session

Rollerskiing in Western Sydney Parklands

The group roller-skiing

Performing drills on our rollerskis.