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Sydney Biathlon camp (Day 2) - 6 May 2018

The day started with Laser Biathlon. This combines roller skiing with target shooting, in this case with Laser beams instead of ammunition. We all had great fun with some races. The course presented its' own challenges with tight corners and downhill sections. Thank-you to Hornsby Council for their permission to use their park space.

Training at the Sydney International Shooting Centre

The next event was held at the Sydney International Shooting Centre, where the Olympic shooting events were held. Here we worked through various drills designed to focus us on getting ready for the first shot quickly and the be able to remain accurate while under time pressure or with a high heart rate.

One on one supervision and coaching was provided for our novices. They were both showing good accuracy and above all the ability to safely handle the rifles.

Competiors running up the hill

Lastly our coaches, Tosh and Paul, gave us a work out as we did bounding (running up the hills using poles), and various exercises and stretches. It the great thing about having guest coaches is that the knowledge they impart helps the Sydney branch to work on our skills, stretch and fitness for the months ahead.

The group trying laser Biathlon

As Sydney has yet another fantastic sunny day its' only the calendar that tells us that the Winter season is approaching. We are all sharpening our skills ahead for the competitions in July and August.

The sign says "Laser Rifles in use"

Thank- you to our Paul and Tosh. It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot.

Our winners celebrating

Our youngest and oldest member with coach Tosha

High 5 ladies.