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Victorian Biathlon championship 2018 - day 1

Mt Hotham delivered a serving of fresh snow with a side of scrumptious sunshine for day 1 of the Victorian Biathlon championship. 

Coach Luca set a technically challenging course for the Open competitors with fast downhills into tight turns and immediately up steep short climbs. These rewarded the skiers who could carry speed. 

Nine biathletes from NSW competed in various age groups and classes. It was good to see Jenny and Kate competing for the first time. 

Results for NSW competitors (preliminary)

Nour 2nd Men's Masters

Mark 6th Men's Open

John 1st Mens Veteran

Robyn 3rd Women's Masters

Jill 1st Women's Open

Kate 2nd Women's Open

Jenny debuted

Isobel 3rd under 15 women's

Isabella 1st under 17 women's

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