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Victorian Biathlon championship 2018 - day 2

Day 2 of the Victorian Biathlon championship is the Sprint event.

It was another good for NSW with Jill Colebourn, Isobel Patterson, John Joyce and Mark Elliott winning their respective classes.

Results - Sprint event

Kate Spencer is one of our newest biathletes. After a tough time at the range on Saturday she decided she no longer wanted to do penalty loops and improved on her shooting to only have 5 penalties.

Jenny Kent was another newbie and she has been earning valuable experience through her attendance of the Masters' camp and competitions over the week. She has been a great addition to the Masters group.

Jillian Colebourn 1st Women's Open Mark Elliott 1st Men's Masters Nour Eldin Tarraf 2nd Men's Masters Robyn C Englert 3rd Women's Masters Jenny Kent 5th Women's Masters John Joyce 1st Men's Veterans Juel Briggs 1st Women's Veterans David Patterson 2nd Men's Under 17 Isabella Moon 2nd Women's Under 17 Isobel Patterson 2nd Women's Under 15

Well done to the NSW team. It was a very strong showing and the region continues to grow with some great biathletes joining us in the last 12 months.

The next big race will be the Australian Biathlon championships in August.