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Australian Biathlon championships 2018 - day 2

It was another day of snow coming down at Hotham. Great for downhill skiers, difficult for Biathlon, but that's part of the challenge.

Sunday was the Sprint Biathlon race with each racer skiing three times around the course and shooting twice. Each penalty requires the competitor to ski a short penalty loop.

It was another good day for NSW.

  • 3rd U21 Men's - Matthew Wright

  • 2nd Men's Masters - Mark Elliott

  • 3rd Men's Masters - Nour Tarraf

  • 2nd Women's Masters - Robyn Englert

  • 4th Women's Masters - Emma Croser

  • 1st Men's Veterans - John Joyce

  • 1st U19 Women's - Lulu Miskin

  • 2nd U19 Women's - Isabella Moon

  • 3rd U17 Men's - David Patterson

  • 3rd U15 Women's - Isobel Patterson

  • Kate Spencer continues to show an impressive first year in the non-carry class.

Jill Coleborn had concussion from a crash the day before and was unable to race.