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Biathlon training with Olympian

The Sydney based biathletes had the privilege of being coached by Olympian Alex Almoukov. Alex was born in Russia but moved to Australia when he was 7. He represented Australia in Biathlon at the Vancouver and Sochi Olympics. He retired from Biathlon a few years ago, and now works as a strength and conditioning coach.

Training consisted of a roller-skiing session followed by target shooting at the Sydney International Olympic Centre (SISC).

Photo 1: Practising the standing position

Photo 2: Practising the prone position

Photo 3: Pushups to raise our heart-rate to simulate coming into the range after a hard ski.

Photo 4: Getting that heart rate up with a quick sprint.

Photo 5: Coach Alex working with the team.

Photo 6: Coach Alex working one on one.

Photo 7: Some valuable coaching from Alex.

Photo 8: Working on Jenny's standing technique.

Photo 9: Some of the juniors training.

Photo 10: team briefing.

Photo 11:

Photo 12: Drill - placing all the weight on the front foot.