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First Race Results

Image credit: Krisztina Temesi 

Image credit: Krisztina Temesi 

Image credit: Ryan Buckley 

Our AUS biathletes had their first IBU comps on the weekend, the juniors at the IBU Junior Cup at Lenzerheide, Switzerland and the IBU cup at Ridnaun, Italy. 

Here’s where you source the results: 

Biathlon Data Centre for Race Results

Well done to all our Aussie biathletes and we’re all cheering you on wishing for you what you aim to achieve ! 

On the Junior Circuit there’s Tom Wilkinson, Archie Gordon, Jethro and Christian Mahon; Darcie Morton, Lulu Miskin and Isabella Moon. In the Open Category Jill Colebourn and Jeremy Flanagan Are competing in the IBU Cups. 

Supporting our teams are coaches Emil Bormetti and Ryan Buckley, Luca Bormiloni and Fausto Bormetti. A huge thank you to the National Federation for organizing the training camps, events and full support.  The athletes couldn’t do this without the support of our Federation and our dedicated coaches.