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Jill’s Invited to World Championships!

Today Jill Colebourn was notified she’s been offered a place to compete at World Championships! Naturally she’s going. This is the first time an AUS woman has competed at this level since Lucy Glanville.

The IBU has a system where qualification to World Championships and World Cup and as well as the Olympics, depends on BOTH personal qualification AND that your nation has a place. For World Champs The top 30 nations are guaranteed places and for the rest, only a further 10 athletes (from the rest who have the qualified points) are invited. Our Aussies have to compete amongst the other smaller nations to get one of the coveted 10 spots. Eg: Belgium Romania Croatia and other European nations. To get to a top 30 nation, the nation needs to have at least 3 athletes at every IBU event earning decent points. The more points earned the higher the nation ranking. - essentially it favors large nations with loads of competitive athletes. In short, it is a big deal for AUS to have an athlete at world champs.