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Biathlon training camp, Sydney Feb 2/3, 2019

It was the first of the year's training camps for the Sydney based Biathletes. Coaches Paul and Tosh flew up from Melbourne to train the group in roller-skiing and target shooting. Physically it was a very tiring camp with lots of time on rollerskis and at the range we did a lot of exercises between shooting bouts to raise the heart rate and work our arms, legs and abs. We really appreciated the effort and time from Paul and Tosh and a huge thank-you to Gen, Phil and John for organising the camp.

photo 1: Working those abs before target shooting drills.

Photo 2: Coach Paul providing words of experience to one of our junior athletes.

Photo 3: Guess who has a new rifle stock.

Photo 4: Coaching at the range.

Photo 5: I think someone needs to do more squats.

Photo 6: A beautiful day at Manly Heads over-looking the Harbour.

Photo 7: After a hard session it was time to re-fuel before the next training session. Another benefit of training at East Manly.

Photo 8: Alright is everyone enjoying themselves?

Photo 9: More abs work before going into target shooting drills. By working the muscles it simulates the stress of shooting after a ski leg.

Photo 10: The standing position is the most difficult in Biathlon but everyone has really progressed.

Photo 11: 'I'll do one push-up. Now you do ten.'

Photo 12: practising the prone position.

Photo 13: After a trip to Livigno for Winter Biathlon training Isabelle shows us how it's done.

Photo 14: Getting the heart rate up by sprinting up the hill. The Summer humidity made this paritcularly difficult.